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We have several years of experience surveying and mapping sites in 3D, as well as developing custom interactive systems to display and analyse the data.

Using the latest aerial (drone) technologies we specialise in generating accurate 3D models and interactive tours from aerial data, from surveying historic buildings and geological sites, through to interactive aerial maps for leisure and tourism. Based in Cornwall, we serve clients across the UK.

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    Accuracy down to less than 1 cm can be achieved.

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    Viewable in an interactive format across all devices.

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    VR Ready

    Models are compatible and viewable with VR headsets.

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    Latest drone technology with 20MP still RAW image data.

Structure-From-Motion Aerial 3D Photogrammetry

After deciding on the area or structures needing to be mapped, we use automated flight systems to plan a route that covers the area.

Using a process called photogrammetry, we capture hundreds of images from many different angles resulting in a large data set. This data is then processed using different software systems that generate a 3D model complete with textures.

Using the 3D model we are then able to produce a range of different outcomes, from web-based 3D viewers through to interactive 3D tours (see examples below).

Benefits of drones for aerial 3D surveys

Using remote aerial systems has many benefits compared to traditional ground-based survey methods and practices.

  • Speed: Drones can cover a larger area in a fraction of the time of ground-based surveys.
  • Efficiency: The data can be captured in detail once and then analysed and reviewed infinitely.
  • Comparable: Using automated flight systems, the exact same data can be captured again in the future and compared.
  • Measurable: The models can be accurate down to centimetres and measurements such as distance or volume can be generated.
  • Safer: Aerial systems make accessing inaccessible or dangerous places much safer with reduced risk.


View some of the previous SFM photogrammetry projects we have worked on from around the UK and further afield.

Documenting Heritage and Archaeology

Aerial systems are a cost effective and accurate way of documenting and surveying historical and archaeological sites. 3D models generated from the aerial data can be used for many different types of analysis, or further developed into 3D tours showing what sites looked like at different periods in time (like our Wheal Prosper example above).

Geological Surveys

3D aerial mapping provides much faster and detailed methods of carrying out geological/landscape surveys. It is also a safer alternative for locations that are difficult or dangerous to reach, such as cliff erosion inspections. An automated remote system also means that the data can be analysed again in the future from the same survey points.

Leisure & Tourism

For outdoor leisure businesses, such as golf courses, showing customers what you have to offer is vital. Interactive 3D tours of individual elements of your site, or a map of the whole location is a great way to attract visitors and show key information about your services. Combined with photos and videos, customers get a useful and memorable experience prior to and during their visit.

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