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3D Shipwreck Modelling & Visualisations

Using a variety of sources such as photos, videos, multi-beam and photogrammetry, we create accurate and immersive 3D visualisations of underwater sites.

Leaders in the field of visualising shipwrecks in 3D

For the past seven years, 3deep Media have led the field of modelling shipwrecks and other underwater sites in 3D. We have skills required for the digital 3D modelling itself, but more importantly the experience and knowledge of ship construction and wreck decomposition. Since the company was founded we have worked on projects across the world, working for some of the top archaeological organisations including NOAA and the Nautical Archaeological Society.

Our work has been praised not just for the stunning visuals we create, but also its accuracy and quality as an archaeological resource.

Our 3D shipwreck tour software

Using bespoke software created by 3deep Media we turn these 3D models into interactive tours for use on and off-line, allowing the user to navigate around the scene and explore in an immersive way.

Our software also allows us to pin photo, video or other types of markers onto the 3D model to add that extra level of information to these 3D wreck tours. Using the latest web standards these interactive tours can be embedded in websites, or downloaded as native applications for tablet and mobiles. Our latest software version is completely responsive so the embedded tours dynamically adapt for different devices, its also widely supported in almost every browser (even the old ones).

Resources required for the 3D modelling

We work with whatever resources are available when developing our digital 3D models, whether its underwater photos and videos, historic photos, shipwrights plans, diver sketches or sonar data. Our general rule is: ‘the more resources the better’. The larger the quantity and quality of reference material we have, the more accurate and detailed the models and 3D tours will be.

If you are still at the planning stages for documenting a wreck, we are happy to act as consultants and advise you as to the best processes for collecting the data, or join you in the field (or ocean) to assist the process and model the wrecks in real time.

If resources are limited, we will make do with whatever is available to produce the most accurate model to the standard required.

High Resolution 2D Renders

As well as interactive tours we can also produce high resolution 2D renders for use online or as printed assets.

By having a digital 3D model to work with we can quickly render views of a wreck of dive site from an unlimited number of angles. These could be used for customised dive slates, information boards at a dive site or for any other purpose you might need.

Our designers have years of experience creating graphics for a wide range of projects and have the eye for detail to match your look and feel of your brand.


View some of the previous 3D shipwreck projects we have worked on from around the UK and further afield.

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