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Aerial & Ground Based Video Production

Our aerial and ground-based video production provides a great addition to websites or social media marketing, quickly informing customers about your business or project. Based in Cornwall, we serve clients across the UK.

We provide a complete video production service including both aerial video, ground based video, as well as timelapse and hyperlapse systems.

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    Aerial Video

    Using the latest drone technology and camera systems we can capture stunning 4K aerial video to complement any project.

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    Standard Video

    We have traditional ground based based camera systems including steady-cam options and rails.

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    Timelapse Video

    Perfect for events or any project where you want to show changes, movement or activities over time.

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    Hyperlapse Video

    Similar to timelapse video but with with a moving camera and first person point of view.

Aerial (Drone) Video Services

Over the past three years we have worked with a number of video production companies as well as corporations such as the BBC. Our team of pilots and camera operators are skilled at capturing smooth aerial shots and exciting angles, even in the most challenging conditions.

Using the latest aerial (drone) camera systems, we can capture 4K UHD video at up to 50fps and 1080p video at 120fps. Shot with flat colour profiles, our footage is simple to colour grade to match other footage in your project.

Based in Cornwall, we serve clients across the UK. Please get in touch for further information regarding our aerial video services.

Video for Festivals & Events

Aerial shots makes a great addition to videos for events such as festivals, ideal for showing both scale and the location. Insured for up to £5 million for public liability cover, we can operate around large crowds at a distance, or achieve closer shots with appropriate planning.

We work with any existing video production crews on site to capture the exact shots required. With 4K video at 50fps and 1080p video at 120fps our skilled drone pilots and camera operators are the ideal choice for your event video requirements.

3deep also provides timelapse and hyperlapse video solutions, ideal for showing people moving around the event over the space of hours or days.

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Timelapse / Hyperlapse Video

Timelape photography/videos make a great addition where you need to show changes or movement happening over long periods of time. Captured as thousands of still images using high resolution DSLR camera systems, we then post-process the shots into 4K UHD footage.

We also provide hyperlapse video solutions, similar to timelapse but with camera movement either in a forward or sideways direction. These can be shot using ground based camera systems or using a UAV (drone). For more information about our timelapse and hyperlapse solutions, please contact us.


Do you require stock aerial video footage for a project? We have one of the largest collections of stock aerial video footage and photos from around Cornwall. Please contact us to let us know the types of clips you require and general locations, we will then get back to you with a selection of previews for you to choose from.

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