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Heritage & Archaeology

Using 3D SFM photogrammetry surveys using UAVs, 360° virtual tours of historic sites through to orthographic maps of historic sites, 3deep are specialists in creating interactive visualisations using scientific and archaeological data.

Using the latest aerial (drone) and ground-based imaging technologies we specialise in generating accurate 3D models and interactive tours from aerial data. From surveying historic sites and geological features, through to interactive orthographic maps for project planning, we serve clients across the UK from our base in Cornwall.

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    Accuracy down to less than 1 cm can be achieved.

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    Viewable in an interactive format across all devices.

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    Using specialist software the data is measurable not just for distances but also volumes.

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    Rapid data collection using the latest in UAV technology.

3D SFM Photogrammetry Surveys for Heritage and Archaeology

3D SFM Photogrammetry is changing how archaeological sites are mapped and visualised. Using the latest in UAV (drone) aerial imaging systems we are experienced in capturing large data sets as well as post-processing to produce high resolution 3D models.

We have a our own bespoke in-house systems for displaying the data in an interactive format, complete with markers to show key features as photos or videos. We can also export the 3D models ready for use within online 3D viewing systems such as SketchFab and also host them if required.

For more information regarding our 3D SFM photogrammetry services please contact us.

360° Virtual Reality Tours & Experiences

Virtual Reality (VR) 360° tours are the latest trend is creating interactive experiences. Using UAV (drone) technology we capture high resolution aerial and ground-based 360° images and use these to create bespoke virtual tours of heritage and archaeological sites.

Our tours are designed to work across all devices from mobiles up to large desktop computers, as well as offline, ready for use within visitor centers and exhibitions. For more information regarding our VR tours please contact us.

Orthographic & DEM Maps of Archaeological Sites

Having high-resolution maps of archaeological sites is vital for producing an accurate record. We’re experienced in capturing large orthographic data sets using automated UAV flight control software. After post-processing, these detailed multi-resolution orthographic maps and digital elevation models can be exported into a variety of formats for GIS and other applications.

Accuracy down to 10mm can be achieved using aerial imaging alone, but this can be further increased by merging this data with detailed ground-based photography. For more information regrading our orthographic mapping services for archaeological and heritage sites, please contact us.


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