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Marine & Undersea

Based in Cornwall, we’re experienced with operating on the water. We deliver high resolution aerial photography as well as 4K video whilst flying remotely from vessels, as well as specialist undersea mapping and visualisations.

As you may guess from our name, 3deep has a background in marine and undersea services. From aerial photography and video of vessels and regattas, through to specialist undersea 3D modelling of shipwrecks and reefs, we offer a variety of services to suit marine-based organisations.

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    Accuracy down to less than 1 cm can be achieved.

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    Viewable in an interactive format across all devices.

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    Using specialist software the data is measurable not just for distances but also volumes.

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    Rapid data collection using the latest in UAV technology.

Aerial Photography & Video of Vessels

Vessel-to-vessel photography can be a challenging process, but using aerial (drone) based camera systems allows complete freedom. Whether it’s low angle shots from the waterline, or high aerial views showing the the speed and location, our experienced pilots can get the shots you need.

Our crew has a background in the marine industry with various boat handling qualifications, as well as the vital experience of operating UAVs from moving vessels off shore. Our camera can capture 20MP RAW images and 4K UHD video at up to 50fps. For more information regarding your next project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

360 Aerial VR Tours of Marinas & Boatyards

Our 360 aerial photography and virtual tours are the perfect solution for marketing marinas. Uninterrupted views in all directions are ideal for showing the layout of the pontoons and the approaches. Interactive hotspots/markers pinned to the 360 views allow visitors to find more detailed information about marina facilities such as fuel, water, toilets, clubhouses and more.

These interactive tours can be integrated with your existing website and the individual 360 photos can be viewed in an interactive format on Facebook. For more information about our 360 VR tours for marinas, please get in touch.

3D modelling of shipwreck & other underwater sites

For the past six years, 3deep have led the field of modelling shipwrecks and other underwater sites in 3D. We are skilled in digital 3D modelling, but more importantly have the experience and knowledge of ship construction and wreck decomposition. Since the company was founded we have worked on projects across the world, working for some of the top archaeological organisations including NOAA and the Nautical Archaeological Society.

Our work has been praised not just for the stunning visuals we create, but also for its accuracy and quality as an archaeological resource. Click here for more information regarding our under sea 3D visualisation services.


View some of the previous marine and undersea projects we have worked on from around the UK and further a field.

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